Power Affirmations for Mindfulness

Power Affirmations for Mindfulness


Welcome to our Power Affirmations series.  This Guided Meditation for Mindfulness  is designed to help balance, mind, body, and spirit.  Mindfulness helps us settle our inner thoughts so we feel powerful.  Follow along with this meditative script as you relax your thinking and empower your heart.     (Please do not listen to this guided meditation while operating a vehicle).  Runs approx. 20 minutes with the Zen Project music. 


Louisa Mastromarino is a certified counselor educator, certified Reiki Master, certified medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and certified intuitive consultant with over 20 years in the metaphysical field.  She has appeared on television and in the publications My Amazing Journey with the Divine, Careers from the Kitchen Table, and Making Marriage a Success.  She offers worldwide services and events through distantholistic.com.  She is also a recognized medium artist and musician. 


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