Peace and Tranquility Energy Medicine Transmission

Peace and Tranquility Energy Medicine Transmission


In honor of our veterans and in honor of world peace, please join us for this powerful energy medicine transmission.  Energy medicine is designed to balance and align the chakra system and the etheric bodies.  Each body in the energy field will be activated and renewed.

More benefits of this transmission include:
Mental field clarity.
Feelings of more joy and peace.
Alignment of chakras in the inner planes.

Relax in a sacred space and be open to receiving high level energies designed to renew the spirit during stressful times.

This activation begins at 10 pm EST/ 7 PT.  Thank you for joining us.



Louisa Mastromarino is an author and is a Licensed Ecclesiastical Health Practitioner, certified counselor educator, certified Reiki Master, certified medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and certified intuitive consultant with over 20 years of experience in the metaphysical field.  She has appeared  in the publications My Amazing Journey with the Divine, Careers from the Kitchen Table, and Making Marriage a Success.  She offers worldwide services and events through   


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