Mother Mary Peace and Prosperity Activation   February 22, 2021

Mother Mary Peace and Prosperity Activation February 22, 2021


Join us for this powerful energy medicine transmission on 2-22-21 at 10 EST/7PT.  Energy Medicine can empower the immune system and strengthen our personal goals. Enjoy this peace activation from the realm of the Blessed Mother.


February 22, or 2-22, is a numerology power day. 22 is a Master Number. It is known as “Divine” energy channeled into material form. In 2-22, the extra 2 of the second month of February amplifies that power.  


Mother Mary's authority at this time is to assist and support humanity's ascension process.   Empower yourself today with positive energy designed to support the soul's rejuvenation power.


Please be in the comfort of your own home as you receive these high level frequencies.  Simply rest in your own space with the intention to receive this divine gift. 


Thank you. 


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    Energy medicine nor holistic services are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition.  No claims are made pertaining the outcome of this program.  Clients waive all legal activities when ordering our programs and agree to see a licensed medical provider for any condition they have.  Thank you.  

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