Mother Mary Our Lady of Lourdes Activation

Mother Mary Our Lady of Lourdes Activation


Join the Blessed Mother through channel Louisa Mastro for a beautiful activation of high light Lourdes energy frequencies.  Lourdes energy will be activated through the Blessed Mother for all participants.  This program is great for those who already practice Reiki or another healing modality as your attunement will be strengthened and the main 7 chakras balanced and aligned to Source.  You also may feel water droplets as you pray and set intentions for the program.  


Additional benefits of Lourdes Energy include:


  • The divine presence of the angels and saints of Lourdes including St. Bernadette.
  • The channeling of higher frequencies for Ascension.
  • Management of stress and pain for ailments.
  • Increased sense of joy and happiness. 


The program runs automatically at 10 ET and 9 PT.  Please relax in a comfortable space with the intention to receive and renew your spirit. 



Louisa is a certified counselor educator, certified Reiki master, clinical hypnotherapist, certified psychic/medium, and certified intuitive consultant with over 20 years of development in metaphysics. Two of her documented miracles are recorded in the publication My Amazing Journey with the Divine by Beverly Pokorsky. Louisa is also a contributor to Careers from the Kitchen Table 3rd edition by Raven Blair Davis and Making Marriage a Success by Jaleh Donaldson.

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