Healing and Grace

Healing and Grace


Grace is divine assistance given by God to humanity for regeneration or sanctification.   Enjoy this powerful energy transmission from the realm of the Ascended Masters and the Virgin Mary.  


Grace allows us to feel renewed, more joyful, and more centered. 

Additional benefits of this transmission include:

More insight and clarity.

More ability to interpret the universe's signs and symbols.

More connection to Source.


Be present with us as you simply set the intention to relax and receive this divine transmission.  Energy will begin at 10 EST/7PT.  

Thank you for joining us.



  • Disclaimer:

    Energy medicine and holistic services are not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition.  No claims are made pertaining the outcome of this program.  Clients waive all legal activities when ordering our programs and agree to see a licensed medical provider for any medical condition.  Thank you.  

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