February 2, 2020 Energy Transmission - Creating Oneness

February 2, 2020 Energy Transmission - Creating Oneness


This powerful 2-2-20 activation is designed by the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ to mitigate retrograde symptoms by aligning and attuning the 7 chakras to higher vibrations of light.   Retrograde periods begin with pre-retrograde experiences such as fatigue or moodiness.  If we are not aligned to our lessons, retrograde periods can be quite exhausting. 


Balancing the chakra system in its entirety allows participants to feel relaxed through such periods.  The significance of the 2-2-20 forming into retrograde means that we have an opportunity to amplify or double our creative field.  This program help align and attune the chakra system to more balance so more power and authority of creative spiritual living is possible. 


Relax with this simple activation designed to meet you while you rest at 10 EST - 7 PT.  


Please ask your soul to receive the full intention of this program during the transmission period. Your soul will decide how much energy to integrate and receive. Thank you.



Louisa Mastro is a certified counselor educator, certified Reiki Master, certified medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and certified intuitive consultant with over 20 years in the metaphysical field.  She has appeared on television and in the publications My Amazing Journey with the Divine, Careers from the Kitchen Table, and Making Marriage a Success.  She offers worldwide services and events through distantholistic.com.  She is also a recognized medium artist and musician.