Cancer Management

Cancer Management


Cancer is rooted in every culture and is a significant wellness concern once diagnosed. Complementing any cancer treatment with energy medicine is beneficial.


This advanced energy application program is very empowering for stress management related to all cancer diagnosis.  Cancer's emotional connections can involve guilt, fear, and shame over service or an unfullfilled life.   Has your loved one or yourself felt like they did not fit in or did not belong extensively?  Then this frequency program is for you or them.   Work with the Blessed Mother and spiritual masters in this quantum healing program. 


Additional benefits include:

  • Chakra balancing at all levels.
  • Stress management. 
  • Sleep regulation. 


Please ask your soul to receive the full intention of this program during the transmission period.  Your soul will decide how much energy to integrate and receive.  Thank you. 



Louisa Mastromarino is a certified counselor educator, certified Reiki Master, certified psychic/medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and certified intuitive consultant with over 20 years experience in the metaphysical field.  She has appeared on cable television and in the publications My Amazing Journey with the Divine, Careers from the Kitchen Table, and Making Marriage a Success.  She offers worldwide services and events through  She is also a recognized medium artist and musician. 

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    By purchasing this non-invasive energy medicine program clients agree and affirm that energy medicine, spiritual coaching, and holistic programs are not designed to treat, diagnose or cure any conditions listed on our site.  We do not claim any outcome to any program and all clients must complete our consent form before registering.  Energy medicine is for stress management only and clients waive liablity upon registration.   Clients agree to see a medical provider for any treatment or diagnosis to cure any condition specified on this site.  Intuitive consulting, mediumship, and psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.   No refunds after registration.  Thank you.