Energy Medicine Transmission: Clearing Cellular Memory

Energy Medicine Transmission: Clearing Cellular Memory


Join us on Thursday, April 1 for this special activation, Clearing Cellular memory.   Join the Blessed Mother, Jesus Christ and the spiritual masters for this divine grace.   Cells have memory  and this memory – even if your conscious mind has forgotten something, your body remembers – down to the cellular level.  All experiences,  even past life ones, no matter how small, can leave cellular imprints.   Cell memories literally impact everything – the expression of our genes, the physical functioning of the body, and of course our actions, thoughts and emotions.  


This special activation will clear the most profound and rooted memories easily.  Learn to manage stress more easily and release fear, guilt, shame, stress, and other cellular imprints in the body. 


Simply rest in a comfortable space and be open to receive at the cellular level.   The energy will start to flow at 10 pm EST/ 7 PT.    


Thank you.


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    Energy medicine is not meant to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition.  No claims are made as to the efficacy of this program.  All persons agree to see a licensed medical professional for any condition they may have.  Clients agree to waive all liability after registration. Thank you. 

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