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Angel Healing: A Divine Practice

Updated: Apr 6

Angel healing is a practice that involves connecting to divine energies, or angels, to restore balance, health and wellness to body, mind and spirit. Though it is not directly tied to any particular belief system or religion, the practice is often associated with the angels of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Angel healing focuses on the use of an individual’s own spiritual energy and that of the angels, in order to promote inner healing and spiritual growth.

The goal of angel healing is to bring about a state of harmony and balance by uniting both the physical and spiritual aspects of a person. This is done by using spiritual energies such as love, light and peace to transform physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the individual’s life into a more positive and vibrant state. Through this process it is thought that the individual can become more aligned with their true spiritual path, and better able to connect with their higher self and with the divine source of all things.

Angel healers believe that by connecting with their spiritual guidance system and with the energies of the angels, they can provide healing and support to their clients. An angel healer will often help their client to relax and open up to the presence and vibration of the angelic realm. Through meditation and prayer, the client can then more easily connect with their angels and receive the healing energy.

Angel healing is thought to offer many benefits to the practitioner, including more clarity, better focus and understanding, more positive emotions and outlook, and improved ability to receive guidance from their angels. It is also believed to be helpful in connecting with one’s higher self and spiritual guidance system, as well as allowing for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the divine.

For clients, angel healing is believed to offer many benefits in terms of both physical and spiritual health. Physically, angel healing may help to balance energy in the body, reducing stress and tension, calming emotions and aiding in the healing of physical ailments. Spiritually, it can help to open up one’s connection to their higher self and the divine, allowing for more meaningful spiritual experiences. Angel healing may also help to reduce fear, anxiety, depression and other emotions that contribute to mental or emotional distress.

When receiving an angel healing, it is important to approach it with an open mind, allowing for both the power of the angelic realm and your own spiritual energy to be used to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Hold an intention for your session. For example, you may set the intention to use the spiritual energy of the angels to help in healing your physical, mental and emotional being.

Then, focus on the feeling of the divine energy and love that the angels bring to you. You may also wish to visualize yourself surrounded by beautiful white light, the color of the angels. Let the divine energy bathe your body, calming and healing mind, body and spirit.

When recieving angel healing from your practitioner, focus on the areas where you need healing. Visualize the angelic energy entering the area, slowly filling it and healing it. Trust that the angels are with you and helping you to heal.

Finally, express your gratitude to the angels. Give thanks for the healing they have provided.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for an Angel Healing session please contact Distant Holistic Arts at Meet and greet your angel kingdom as you learn to relax and enjoy the sacred messages of the Angelic Realm. Thank you.

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