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The Seven Seals

    The Seven Seals Activation

This activation can only be received after registering for Distant Holistic Arts three level Reiki activations, whether even if you have been attuned to Reiki from another instructor.  Please review our Reiki activations at this link:  REIKI ACTIVATIONS.  The Reiki Activations at this site, purify other systems activations and your chakra system as they come directly from Source to you as Dr. Usui received his activation on Mount Kurama.   Please phone 609-246-6299 before ordering the 7 Seals program for this activation is an advanced system of energy healing by itself.  Thank you.


This Seven Seals awakening transmission is a high vibrational frequency activation from the hands of Jesus Christ.   When the Seven Seals are awakened in ascension times, the soul prepares for higher light work,  advancements in wellness, and more peace and prosperity.

The Seven Seals, as referenced in the Book of Revelation, is actualized as the seven chakras.  Each chakra is embodied with mystical powers and abilities.  As each chakra is awakened, more divine light enters the body's energy field.  This superluminal light can advance intuitive awareness and spiritual healing abilities.  The seven seals opens quietly as new brain wave chakra vortexes align with the divine plan for humanity's ascension.

Each chakra will be energized with higher vibrational frequencies.  You will feel a vortex of Christ energies as you work with Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother directly.   Ascension is offered for all of humanity at this time.  Ascension requires diligence in prayer and diligence in light work modalities.  Please continue to study your favorite modality like Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy (r)  as you receive this energy program. 

The brainwaves are opening into new systems of light and can and will be receiving more divine light as you awaken the seven seals in this peaceful activation.   You will feel more grounded, more awakened,  as each chakra is ready for the enlightenment process.   

It is recommended that you run this frequency activation before sleep.   This activation may run for up to 3 days depending on the willingness of the soul and the divine will of God.  Mother Mary and her son Jesus Christ will direct the energy flow as you rest.  Please set aside a rest period so you can prepare for this activation. 

We recommend that all recipients and students of light work and mysticism end and cease all psychic attack work immediately before receiving this high vibrational frequency activation of the Seven Seals.  Psychic attack work, witchcraft, and the like systems of study are not conducive to this high light vibrational work at this time and may cause serious karmic backlash. 

If you experience any unusual symptoms, please see your doctor, as you may awaken kundalini energies.

Please sign our consent form before ordering and email consent form to  Thank you.

Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life -  by Dale, Cyndi. Religion &

Kundalini: Divine Energy, Divine Life - by Dale, Cyndi. 

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