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We offer quantum healing programs and

private sessions in holistic medicine. 


Welcome to Our Site

Energy Medicine is a powerful complement to any traditional medical program.
Enjoy quantum healing applications for stress management and relaxation.  
Louisa Mastromarino has been featured as a spiritual coach in Careers from the Kitchen Table by Raven Blair Davis, My Amazing Journey with the Divine by Beverly Pokorski, and Making Marriage a Success
by Jaleh Donaldson.  

Louisa is the author of the Spifford Max and the Cycle Pups travel series for children. 

Please phone: 609-246-6299 for an appointment.  Telephone consultations only. 
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Louisa Mastromarino is an exceptional intuitive counselor and coach.  She has amazing abilities to tap into universal information that directly applies to your needs and situation.   Most importantly, she is very ethical and will help you find balance, achieve your goals, and build harmonious relationships with others.

Jennifer Pinkney Pastor, Ph.D