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©2020  Energy Medicine Programs and Holistic Services are not meant to treat, diagnose or cure any illness.  Intuitive consulting and psychic programs are for entertainment purposes only.  

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Welcome to Our Site

We offer quantum healing programs and

private sessions in holistic medicine. 


Welcome to Our Site

Energy Medicine is a powerful complement to any traditional medical program. Enjoy powerful quantum healing applications for varied health areas.   



Louisa Mastro has been featured as a spiritual coach in the following publications.  

Please phone: 609-246-6299 for an appointment.  Please download Consent Form before ordering. Thank you. 

"Louisa is truly a caring, kind-hearted, empowering intuitive consultant.  When I speak with her, I am amazed how she has the ability to tap into your energy and help you with your challenges."

Barbara Savin, Author Gentle Energy Touch